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Dina Perez

Let me tell your


If you've ever received an email from me, you're familiar with the tagline above. It's the best way to describe my passion for photography- giving visual life to a story already written. Through the lens of my camera, I put a frame around the beauty I see... and let me tell you, there is an abundance of beauty in the world! We just have to open our hearts to see the amazing stories that flash before our eyes.

There are many talented photographers capable of capturing your story with a great amount of technical expertise. My talent is in the ability to tell the story of the authentic, work in progress, manifestation of love that is you! Although I am cultivating my technical skills continuously, I do not pretend to be a master photographer. Instead, I am the master of myself and the lens in which I see all of my subjects comes from a place of love. I've learned some time ago that part of my value in the world comes from my authenticity and my ability to make others feel comfortable in being themselves. I bring no judgements; just an appreciation for life and the journey we all make to become our best selves.

I think one of the best compliments I've received from my clients has been "you're a natural with children" or "you're the child whisperer." I also love hearing my clients say I make them feel so comfortable in front of a camera. That gift to make one feel comfortable brings me joy because it translates into photographs of my subjects' natural beauty.

Whether it be on location or in your home and using natural, available light, I would like to provide beautifully honest images that will capture a moment and move you. I will spend time during and after your shoot to ensure the best possible experience.

Whether it is the celebration of marriage, the birth of a child, or to commemorate the joy of being alive, I would be honored to tell your story. I'm available for weddings, engagements, family, newborns and budoir sessions. I'm also available for travel, commercial assignments and special conceptual work.

Personal note: It is my dream to one day have one of my photographs on the cover of National Geographic. I'm writing this goal here to put more energy out in the universe into making it happen. My vision board has had exclusive rights to this dream for years now. I think its time to unleash it into other great celestial minds.